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Micah Atwell

Undistributed Music

This is a catalog of older drafts, working recordings, and demos (circa 1994-2011) that were never officially distributed (though many had been posted on this site over the years). The recordings vary in quality but are posted for the seriously interested.

All music is, by respective year, copyright © Micah Atwell. All rights reserved.

Warning: Volume levels may vary greatly between recordings!

Track TitleTypeYearLyricsTrack
FebruArLIEN draftdraft2011
My Friend, My Lovework2009
Scheme of Thingsdemo2009lyrics

Sifting through the letters
Hoping to get it wetter
Drifting into a better
Frame of mind for all to feel

Looking back on tomorrow
Wasted existence in sorrow
Paying for time borrowed
When all I had was not so real

Are you like me, can you see
Into the grand scheme of things?
And are you like me, too
All I want is to be like you

Tired of the battle
Surrender to the cattle
Because all I do is rattle
On to me and myself

Searching for the shining
Perching for the whining
Never saw silver linings
On any dark clouds


Keep Me In Your Heartdemo2009lyrics

This cold, rainy morning,
You'll wake to find my note.
Left it where I lie warm
Beside you an hour ago.
When you breathe my words
Please, read between the lines.
All things left unsaid,
There you shall find...

I've gone to meet my past, to face my mistakes,
To resolve them at last, else love will never wake.

Chorus (2x):
Keep me in your heart just one more day.
For away from you, love, I cannot stay.

Been away from you now
For far too long.
My only company is
Thinking I did you wrong.
But the all-consuming fire
Of the promise you hold,
Has become my warm penance
To serve the greater good.

Not fair for a moment,
That you should endure this.
Louder each passing day
I call for what I miss.
Your love, does it listen?
I do this all for you.
You're my abiding strength,
I only ask one thing of you...

Chorus (2x)

Home To Youdemo2009lyrics

In the South, gonna find my ol' love
Miss her so, because I left her once
But I'm coming on back
Though I'm miles away, I can see
You've still got the porch light on for me
You knew I was coming back
You knew I would come back... to you

The road is long
But I'll sing my song... to you
My heart knows the star
That guides me from afar... to you
Look to the Moon above
It beams my love... to you
Cold down to my bones
But faith leads me home... to you

Memories burn with the times we've known
And when I think about them, they don't get me down
Because I'm coming on back
When on the horizon I feel your smile
I'll drop it all and walk the last mile
Because I've come back
You knew I would come back... to you

The road was long
But I sang my song... to you
Your eye held the star
Guiding me from afar... to you
Look to the Moon, my love
My gift e'er above... for you
'Tis but a drop
In the sea I crossed... to you

Home to you
Home with you

Until I See You Again (Ether Remix)Backing vocals: TOBIAH ( lyrics

What is this feeling, arresting my mind?
Haven't felt this way in the whole of my life.
The hope inexplicable which long held me fast,
Your gentle hands, through dark hours of nights past?

What was it that tore us cruelly asunder?
A lifetime ago and a lifetime I've wondered.
That voice which beckoned each time I fell,
Urging me onward for a truth in time revealed...

Until I see you again
The wolves will howl in the chilled autumn wind
Until I see you again
I will muster my strength to ward off the end
Until I see you again
I shall not pass through another's door
Until I see you again
The sea shall not rest upon our shore

Scattered are the pieces in this puzzle of hearts.
I can't seem to join them and mine keeps falling apart.
What in the world is happening to me?
It's been so long it feels like the first time again.

I would walk away from my pride for you
Give up my dignity to see this through.
Whatever it takes to make love legendary
Because it's been the longest road to the day...


Can you hear me calling? (I hear you)
Can you feel me breathing? (I feel you)
I am always calling
I am always waiting
Until I see you again
The sea shall not rest upon our shore


Waiting, watching
Longing for you

Histamine (2k9 Remix)demo2009
Untitled (beatz09)work2008
Untitled (lib0103)work2008
Little Flying Bastardsdraft2008lyrics

They fly through your house
They shit on your walls
The only way to kill them
Is to burn them all
And they land on your food
And if you eat it
You're screwed, dude

They're the little flying bastards
Little fucking flying bastards
Motherfucking flying bastards
They're little flying things

Black Halowork2007
Child Of The SunDrums: Jay Parmar (
Meat Marinadedemo2007
Pants On Firedraft2006
A Clown Stands Alonedemo2006
Monkey With A Meat Cleaverdemo2006
All Part Of The Plandraft2006
Eat Shit (2k6 Remix)demo2006lyrics

Got your number, got your name
Your life will never be the same
In the men's rooms all over town
I'll be jotting your info down
Dirty jokes and stupid rhymes
What a way to pass our time
Defecating in a stall
In a bathroom in a mall

He who writes upon the walls
Rolls his shit into little balls
He who reads these words of wit
Eats those little balls of shit

Mr. Senator, up on the hill
As you take a crap I'm sure you will
Set aside your concerns to read
The mindless inscriptions that we all leave
Scratched in paint or scribed in lead
Someday, yes, we'll all be dead
We leave this, our epitaph
And hope the finder enjoys a laugh


Legendary Lovework2005
Grunt WorkSamples: Half-Life (
Double Your Troubledemo2005
Bastards and Foolswork2005
Untitled (collab01v2)work2005
When It's Gonedemo2005lyrics

How can you still be missing me?
I thought you'd gotten so far away
Can't help that I know myself too well
Because I don't know why you'd want this hell
And you've gone and twisted my perecption
Up until now I thought you hadn't cared
You left me doubting and burnt
Faced me with a truth I hadn't dared

And I can't stop you from reaching
But I can keep from standing too close
And I'm not how you remember me
You killed that long ago

Why do I still dream about you?
What kind of hold do you have on me?
Swear I see you everytime I fall
And the thought of you just makes me uneasy
And I believed that I had been ruined
And I hate that you get the credit for that
Though I'm learning I was misled
It's just a little late to get it all back


When it's gone, it's gone
When it's gone
When it's gone, it's gone
When it's gone, gone, gone


When it's gone
When it's gone, it's gone

Beyond (2k4 Remake)Intro Samples: unknown (radio broadcast)demo2004

Treading on discovery
Standing on what's yet to be
So I shut you out, I pull away
I've gotta be here, I've gotta be ready
'Cause I know that any day it's gonna hit me

And I can't be bothered; no distractions, please
I can feel it, my life's work unfolding before me
Total effusion, exponential creativity
Finally revealing all I've been trying to say

And when it's done and I have my peace
I know that you will see it was worthwhile
And you, you'll know a love that has never been felt before

'Cause then I'll be coming back
Full of attentiveness, no distractions
Coming back with love for you
And you, you'll still be there, won't you?
I hope you will, 'cause I'll be coming back
With lots of love for you

That was how I used to live my life.
Then came the acceptance of knowing it would always be here, just like it always had been.
I soon learned that being on the verge would always come and go,
And if I missed it once or twice... no bother,
It'll come 'round again, just as it always has.

But you, you will not keep coming back
You who were trying to adhere me to life
So I cannot afford to lose you
For I can make art understand the things you may not

Outro (4x):
Treading on discovery
Treading on discovery
Standing on what's yet to be
Standing on what's yet to be

Untitled (Static Drum)draft2000
Untitled (Test01b)draft2000
No Middledraft2000lyrics

In your presence I feel so bitter,
But in your absence I find the loneliness.
What am I to do? I can't have you.
Half the time I know I don't want to try again,
But there are times I do.

How can we be if there is no middle?

It really doesn't matter how many times you say
In your heart there's always a place for me,
Because that place feels too small
To ever bother at all.

Chorus (2x)

Dies Maliwork1997
Buying Planetsdraft1997
House Of Secretsdraft1996
Love Over Pridedraft1996
Rhythm Methoddemo1996
Siphoning Gaswork1996
Got No Time For Lovework1996
Snake In The Grassdemo1996
Killing SpreeIntro Samples: public domainwork1995
Back To The Barrelwork1995
Helpess and Confuseddraft1995
Housecleanin' Bluesdemo1995
Cranial Whipwork1994
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